Start making a difference to your success with a powerful new opportunity!

We’re about to dive in and launch a new marketing package, one which we hope will bring a huge amount of support, advice and new business to those willing to come onboard!

Called Grow! – the package is aimed at small businesses, sole traders and partnerships. What your business does is not important, Grow! can help any business to thrive and prosper. So whether you’re a lawyer or a holistic therapist, a florist or a chartered surveyor, Grow! is for you.

The monthly package includes;

  1. An hour long, one on one marketing session per month with Sarah Raad – using telephone, skype or facetime. The session will focus specifically on your business opportunities and challenges and the right marketing activities for you. It will give you new ideas and feedback and help you to organise and plan your marketing activity for the month ahead. (A face to face session is available at an additional cost).
  1. Access to a private online group via Facebook, where at any time you can get peer to peer support and advice from other small business owners and advice and feedback from Sarah. Sarah will check in with the group daily from Monday to Friday to offer support, feedback and ideas too. The group will be confidential and only open to trusted people.
  1. An email from Sarah, once a week, to see where you are with your goals, with the opportunity to get quick feedback on any issues, challenges or questions you may have at that point. This is one and one between you and Sarah and not part of the group.
  1. A regular email newsletter with a tips and information to help you with your business – covering topics from social media to email marketing, networking to content marketing and everything in between.

All this for the monthly fee of £80+VAT

The benefits of joining Grow! include;

Knowledge – In your one to one session we will focus on and explore marketing knowledge and ideas specifically for your business. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to market your business and grow your business. You’ll learn how to plan and schedule your marketing activity and how to monitor and evaluate its success.

Support – the private online group will provide a valuable opportunity for peer to peer support and will be a sounding board for all of your ideas, a place to ask questions and someone to celebrate and commiserate the successes and others of the day to day running of a small business. As well as the group being run by an experienced marketing consultant with a 22 year track record in growing businesses and organisations through marketing, there will be a wealth of experience within the virtual room to tap into.

Networking – naturally by bringing people together in the private online group, there will doubtless be many opportunities for you to help each other by sharing information and opportunities – who know what doors could be opened for you by the other people in the virtual room!

Motivation – It’s hard to keep going with your marketing and business development goals, often in isolation with everything else that’s going on in our businesses, not least carrying out the work we need to do to get paid. Grow! will give you the focus and motivation to get through your marketing to do list, set realistic goals and action plans and both the one to one sessions and the group support will help to make you accountable for the actions that you have committed to take!

Savings – being part of the group is a way to access further marketing and design support from tent at a discounted cost. From simple leaflet design to a brand new website, you can enjoy a discount on all of our in house services.

New Business – for those willing to commit to Grow!, try new things and make changes to their business development activities there will undoubtledly be more business flowing into your company. For just £80 a month you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

If you are interested please send an email or give us a call and we will make sure you get priority information. Just drop a line to

Call us 0191 447 5376