Please find below our terms and conditions which will help you to understand exactly how we work with our clients. We want our work with you to be successful. By being clear and open from the start we can build a strong working relationship.

The following terms and conditions apply to all work undertaken by and services provided by tent limited.

All work is carried out on the understanding that you the client have agreed to these terms and conditions which are supplied at the beginning of the first project.


At the time of proposal, tent will supply you with a cost proposal and details and specifications of all work that will be undertaken. The project will go ahead on the basis of these details and costs.

We require written confirmation, either by email or post, of your commission of services. No work will be carried out until this written confirmation has been received.

By agreeing to work with tent you are agreeing to our costs and are happy with the type and quality of the design and marketing work you have been shown. No speculative work is undertaken.


At each stage of design work we will require feedback and agreement and sign off by email to say that the stage has been approved. Quotes will indicate how many design stages are included.

If at any stage a client changes their mind and wishes to explore another or a previously presented creative route that is not a problem, however this will incur extra design costs as more time will be required than initially agreed.


At the time of project costs being approved by the client a non refundable deposit of 50% of the costs will be required before work commences.

tent is VAT registered so all costs are quoted at NET and will require VAT to be added at the appropriate rate.

Depending on the length of the project the remaining 50% will be due either:

21 days after an invoice is raised at the completion of the project.

Or in monthly instalments should a project span more than 4 weeks and all time spent during that month would be invoiced.

The exceptions to this are:

1. Website projects where we require the final 50% of payment after sign off and before the site is made live.

2. Marketing mentoring and other marketing support sessions which must be paid in full in advance of the meeting time.

Payment should be made wherever possible by electronic funds transfer. Cheques will be acceptable when this option is not available to the client.

Payment terms are clearly displayed on all invoices. As a small company we appreciate our clients settling their accounts on time. We reserve the right to charge an additional 5% per month on all overdue accounts.

If the nature of a project changes and additional charges are required they will be presented at the time and will need agreement and additional payment at that time.

Until an account has been settled, all design and artwork remains the property of tent.

If payments are not made for an ongoing project we will stop working on the project until payment is made regardless of previously agreed deadlines.

Clients who do not work within the above payment terms will also agree to pay tent reasonable fees in terms of legal or debt recovery action.

We prefer payment by BACs but do accept cheques. We can’t take cash payments as our bank charges for cash deposits. Any fees incurred from cash payments will be passed back to that client.

If a client has an outstanding invoice from a previous project we reserve the right to halt work on subsequent projects or withhold the release of artwork or website development until all invoices are settled.


At the beginning of the project tent and you will agree what the timescale of the project is, taking into account any deadlines but also being realistic about what can be achieved within a suggested timescale. We will then do our utmost to stick to agreed schedules of delivering creative work and completing design and artwork.

However if you do not respond to calls and emails within reasonable timeframes or the nature of the project changes in any way or we are not supplied with the information that we need at the beginning of or during the project we reserve the right to lengthen the timescale of the project.

We will always alert clients when we feel a project deadline may not be met and will work to negotiate an acceptable deadline.


Whilst we understand the need for face to face contact and the value of it, we try to balance it with using telephone and email to make projects run more efficiently and to keep our fees low.

When working with tent you can expect to meet with us face to face at key points such as to discuss initial needs and proposals, at the beginning of a project where needed so further information can be gained and the project discussed and agreed and when presenting initial artwork on design projects.

All other stages of design work are presented via email with telephone discussions. Marketing support such as consultancy and mentoring is delivered face to face.

If a client feels they need more face to face meetings during their project we will accommodate them but depending on the reason for them and the nature of them, the client may incur a cost of £35 per hour.


Once an account has been settled, all artwork approved and signed off is owned by the client. We reserve the right to display the artwork on our promotional materials such as website, brochures and portfolios unless otherwise specified.

In instances where more than one creative option was presented, the client only owns the option chosen, developed and signed off. All other ideas and artwork remain the property of tent.

All artwork will be archived and stored by. Artwork can be accessed at anytime but if a client requests artwork to be accessed some time after a project has finished this may involve an admin fee as it will take time to access, collect, copy and send. Our admin fee of £35 +VAT per hour will apply.

We can organise re prints of artwork at any time for no charge. If any amends are needed before reprinting (such as details on a business card) our minimum charge is £80, larger and more complicated amends will be quoted on before proceeding.


All quotes given by tent for design work, unless otherwise indicated, are given on the understanding that the information, text and images required to carry out the job are supplied in the following ways:

Text – electronically via email, in a MS Word or a standard text document. We cannot accept hard copy of text as this requires additional time to re input and is also vulnerable to mistakes.

Images – via email, internet transfer or on CD in the format requested by tent at the beginning of the project. We cannot accept images embedded into Word documents or other documents such as PDFs. Image files need to be supplied in a size of file appropriate for their use. If the client cannot supply suitable images and stock photography is required or original photography commissioned there will be an additional charge which will be negotiated at the time.

If a client supplies us with images or copy which subsequently is discovered to have copyright or royalty issues, tent reserve the right to remove and replace that material.


Once a project has begun we would hope that a client would not have to cancel a project as a result of the service that was being delivered to them by us. We always want to know if a client is not happy with the service they are receiving at any stage and will always take positive steps to rectify any such situation. However at times for a variety of reasons unrelated to tent, a client may have to cancel a project or put it on hold for a period of time.

Once notice to cancel a project has been received in writing (either by email or post) tent will invoice you for all work carried out over and above the initial deposit paid at the commencement of the project. The balance owed must then be paid within 21 days of your receipt of invoice.


Whilst we will at all times work with clients and suppliers to rectify any issues regarding the supply of their services such as print or web development, we cannot ultimately take responsibility for their work. In the unlikely event of any issues arising we will do our utmost to ensure the best outcome for our client, always putting our client relationships first.


Whilst we have a rigorous proofing process and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your artwork is correct and includes all of the information, images and other elements such as logos and contact details are correct, you as the client are responsible for the proofing of your project including spotting any typographical, spelling or grammatical errors, either in supplied copy or copy written by tent.

In signing off artwork you are accepting responsibility for it and beyond any unlikely errors which occur with artwork corruption or printer error (which will be dealt with by tent and our suppliers) any other errors subsequently found are the responsibility of the client.

tent only accepts liability for any design or marketing work produced up to the value of the work billed. This does not include any sub contracted work not undertaken by tent.


Whilst we design and manage the development and build of websites we are not IT experts. We can advise our clients and put them in touch with trusted suppliers of IT services but we cannot get involved with buying domain names, setting up of email accounts or any other aspect of your IT needs.

We work with our own approved and preferred web development providers. If a client wishes to work with a web development company of their own choice we cannot be held responsible for delays and any additional design and management time costs incurred by the client as a result of this.

Our website build quotes do not include transferring large amounts of text from existing sites such as blog or news articles, case studies etc. Any text for a new site needs to supplied in one word document in the correct layout for the new site ie headers and paragraphs to suit the website visual. If needed we can supply a cost for transferring all text from the old to new site or adding any missing text such as headlines. Spelling and grammar need to be correct – ideally no double spaces and correct use of capitals. We can of course offer a cost to edit and check supplied text. All pictures need to be supplied as RGB jpegs in the correct orientation for the website – either landscape or portrait depending on the visual. If pictures need any editing in terms of contrast, sharpness or retouching then we can supply a cost for that.

We can facilitate your website to be hosted through one of our suppliers or you can use your own supplier. Any loss of service through our hosting supplier will be taken up with them as soon as possible but as we use a third party we are not responsible for situations out of our control.

After the site has been completed it is the client’s responsibility to check through that they are happy with all functionality of the site and that it is working as they expected it to. Anything that is not working to the original specification will be rectified but this has to be brought to tent’s attention within 3 weeks of the site going live. Website software may be capable of more functionality than originally requested but the design will concentrate solely on the functionality requested.

Likewise we do not offer ongoing SEO support and work; this is a specialist area best left to those with relevant experience. All websites are built with SEO in mind and have the functionality to add keywords and meta tags to each page in most cases. Beyond this we do not guarantee any results in relation to search engine results and rankings.


It is agreed that tent may add a small credit on both printed materials and websites. This will be in the form of a small logo or text and will be placed in an inconspicuous position or in the case of websites it will form a link at the bottom of the page.


During working hours we endeavour wherever possible to be available for contact from our clients. All calls and emails will be answered the same day or within 24 hours.

Messages and emails made or sent after hours or at weekends will be replied to at the next available time in working hours. We do not access work email accounts out of hours and during holidays.

Clients will be given at least a fortnight’s notice of all holidays of more than one day.

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