Sarah’s knowledge of marketing is impressive but it’s her ideas of what tactics we should use as part of our strategy that is the real reason why I would recommend her so highly.

Successful marketing that’s nonsense and jargon free!

All the great design in the world isn’t really effective if it doesn’t work as part of a well thought out approach to your marketing. There’s a lot of confusion out there about what marketing is, but put simply, it’s a strategic and planned way for you to get the word out about your business with the people who matter to you.

We can advise you on the full range of marketing activity and help you choose the right combination of methods to help your business to succeed. Should you use social media? Would email marketing work for you? Where should you advertise, if at all? We can help you to answer all of these questions and more.

From a simple door to door leaflet campaign to a complete strategy and plan, we will ensure that you make the best use of your marketing budgets and time to raise your profile, get one step ahead of your competitors, find new customers and clients, keep the ones you’ve already got and generally win more business.

Sarah Raad is an experience marketeer, who has worked in marketing and PR roles since 1994, and since 2007 she has been working with a range of clients to deliver effective marketing consultancy and support. She offers support to businesses in the following key ways;


Affordable 1-2-1 sessions to give you an objective point of view, fresh ideas and vital feedback from someone with years of solid marketing experience and of running successful marketing campaigns, often on a shoestring budget. Advertising, direct mail, networking, social media, email marketing, website copy, promotions, events… Sarah has been there and got the t-shirt on all of the subjects and in 121 sessions you can pick her brains, get her feedback and thoughts and follow her advice on how to plan and structure your activity. If you want ideas, accountability and structure, this is for you. Cost from £90+VAT per session.


A short sharp package to fire up your marketing engine! If you feel you’ve lost your way and would like to get some structure, focus and fresh ideas back into your business, the Marketing Kickstart is perfect for you. If you’re a new or soon to be launched business and want to hit the ground running with good productive habits from the start, what better investment than a kickstart from tent?

Two 2.5 hour face to face consultancy sessions to look at and work on key areas such as:

  • Your market – who wants to buy from you? Define or redefine your target market and understand their needs and their problems.
  • Your brand and your message – how you need to appear and what you need to say to grab and keep the attention of your target market
  • The best mix of marketing tools for you to use
  • Making SMART marketing goals that are ambitious but manageable
  • How to structure and plan your marketing activity to get the best results

You’ll get action notes from each session – a follow up email with all of the key decisions and actions made from the session.

A marketing kickstart costs just £400+VAT and combines really well with ongoing coaching sessions.


In addition, Sarah offers copywriting for marketing materials and websites. She can also undertake marketing activities on your behalf such as creating and sending email newsletters, running social media campaigns and planning advertising campaigns.

Sarah’s knowledge of marketing is impressive but it’s her ideas of what tactics we should use as part of our strategy that is the real reason why I would recommend her so highly.

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