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The truth about growing your business

If I had a pound for every time a prospective client told me they’d love to invest in their marketing and brand and that they’d do it as soon as their business started making more money, I would have, well,… READ MORE


Why an authentic message can still get through. This letter came through my door last night – it ignores pretty much 95% of the advice that I would give to a marketing client thinking of creating a door to door… READ MORE

Q&A: Faye Clark – Finale Shoes

New up in our Q&A series is Faye Clark who runs the fabulous Finale Shoes in Corbridge, one of the North East’s best independent shoe retailers with an emphasis on unique style and hands on customer care. How did you… READ MORE

Q&A: Joanna Feeley – Trend Bible

Welcome to the first in our new series of blog posts; Q&As with business owners and leaders from our region and beyond. First off the blocks is the inspirational Joanna Feeley, Founder of Trend Bible, a Newcastle based trend forecasting agency with… READ MORE

Ten good reasons to blog

I’ve been talking to a few clients and contacts recently, offering feedback and helping them to find their blogging way. You might be a non blogger reading this, or perhaps someone like me with good intentions but who doesn’t blog… READ MORE

Is visual content the future of digital?

When people think of the content for their digital marketing, their website and social media posts etc., they often think about the words. Content is often seen in terms of website copy, blog posts, articles, news items. Even tweets we… READ MORE

Content marketing – an intro

Yesterday I told you a story from the early days of content marketing – which can be read here. Today I will set the scene, so if you are already very familiar with what content marketing is and it’s purpose… READ MORE

Cooking up content

Hello! I’m writing a little series of blog posts for January around the subject of content marketing. Tomorrow I’m going to start with the basics but today, I just want to tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then… READ MORE

Good stuff, White Stuff!

It’s not that often that a direct mailer comes through my door that I am genuinely impressed with. Or that I feel compelled to blog about. i don’t know about you, but most things that pop through my door from companies… READ MORE

For service providers – to pin or not to pin?

Are you a service provider wondering whether Pinterest is for you? This article will hopefully help! I’m playing around with the idea of using Pinterest for business at the moment. I’m not 100% committed to the idea at this stage,… READ MORE