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We first came across Wild Northumbrian when they were launching, we were drawn to the poetic language and the beautiful descriptions of the wildlife and landscape. We were intrigued and booked in a visit and that was the beginning of… READ MORE

Sub brands

One area of branding that I really enjoy is that of sub brands. Often a business will diversify into other services and for any SME it’s often better to keep a consistent brand feel for the sub brands. This can… READ MORE

A brand you may have heard of!

Through my 20 year career as graphic designer I’ve worked with national and international brands so it was interesting to work on a campaign for the NHS. They already had the brand elements created as the campaign had  started on… READ MORE

A sweet treat…

It was a real treat to work with one of the oldest established and best ice cream companies in the region. It has remained within the Marcantonio family since it’s beginnings over a hundred years ago. Mark Toney is a well… READ MORE

Get more out of your van…

We often tell our clients with vans or even cars that are used for their business, that they will benefit from effective branding. This has been demonstrated many times by feedback from clients who have had us brand their vehicles… READ MORE

In the studio: munchie & millie at home

We love to work with creative people, people with a spring in their step, tongue firmly in their cheek, who don’t take life or themselves too seriously, but take their business and their company’s image very serious indeed. So it… READ MORE