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Is visual content the future of digital?

When people think of the content for their digital marketing, their website and social media posts etc., they often think about the words. Content is often seen in terms of website copy, blog posts, articles, news items. Even tweets we… READ MORE

For service providers – to pin or not to pin?

Are you a service provider wondering whether Pinterest is for you? This article will hopefully help! I’m playing around with the idea of using Pinterest for business at the moment. I’m not 100% committed to the idea at this stage,… READ MORE

New twitter profiles are here…

Hello! As so many of you seem to be getting the new twitter profile today I thought I would dash off a quick initial guide to the changes to make life a bit easier. I’ll update this over the next… READ MORE

Using favourites on twitter

When I do social media training with clients, one of the widgety questions they often ask me about is favourites in twitter. I love favourites and have used the function pretty much since I started using twitter. However it seems… READ MORE

Vine: our initial thoughts

You’ve probably heard that video on websites and on social platforms is the next big thing. Like me you’ve probably had a little panic about how to get started with using video, the technicalities and the potential expense. Many of… READ MORE

ffs do your #ff’s properly!

If you’re a twitter user you’ve no doubt noticed and taken part in the week’s #ff hashtag event, which stands for follow friday. I remember when I first joined twitter, logging on on a friday to see all these #ff’s… READ MORE

First steps with twitter

When you start to use twitter for your business, it’s all too easy to just leap in and spend most of your time thinking about how to get new followers, who you are going to follow, how to add value… READ MORE