Category: Business development

Stress free networking

Networking. It’s something that many people either dread, put off or simply see as a necessary evil which they do but don’t enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way! Though not a natural networker myself I do know it… READ MORE

running & marketing

As some of you will know, Dom at tent ran the Great North Run at the weekend. It struck me recently that the approach to undertaking something like the Great North Run is a bit like the one we all… READ MORE

Let there be love…

We all want to spread a little love on Valentine’s Day and I’m no exception. All this talk of love got me thinking about those aspects of love that we are told to focus on by the relationship experts, to… READ MORE

It’s not always about price…

In these recessionary, austerity and whatever else word the mee-dya is coming up with to talk about the economic situation at the moment, it’s easy to assume that you and your business need to be primarily competing on price, that… READ MORE

Getting personal

When we designed our first stationery set, we decided on a postcard instead of a compliment slip. it doesn’t cost much more and we thought it would stand out more as something to pop into an envelope with other items… READ MORE