Today marks TWELVE years since we started our business, tent. A lot has happened over those years both professionally and personally and we are both very proud of the fact that we have started and kept a business going for that long, especially when you consider how many of those years the UK was either in recession or slowly recovering from it.

You don’t run a business for twelve years without learning a thing or two, about business, about yourself and about other people and life in general. So, here are twelve things that we have learned and observed along the way – things that are important when trying to build a successful business.

Twelve Tips for Business Success


1. Be passionate – love what you do

2. Build relationships – they are key to sustaining a business

3. Use your intuition – if someone seems dodgy, they probably are!

4. Take it personally, at the heart of everything you do in business are people, treat them well

5. Don’t take it personally – when other people in business treat you poorly it says more about them than about you

6. Don’t ignore your competitors but don’t stalk or copy them either!

7. Pay attention to the details, it’s where most companies go wrong

8. Find ways to surprise and delight your customers beyond their expectations

9. Take time for your life – no-one ever lay on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time at work

10. Create a business that allows you to be the person that you really are and to have the life you really want

11. Celebrate the highs, expect the lows – running a business involves both

12. Always wear your invisible crown!

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