We first came across Wild Northumbrian when they were launching, we were drawn to the poetic language and the beautiful descriptions of the wildlife and landscape.

We were intrigued and booked in a visit and that was the beginning of a special relationship between our little family and the site and ultimately with the owners Robert and Vicky themselves.

Many half term breaks, anniversary celebrations and family summer adventures passed and we were approached by Vicky and Robert to discuss how they might develop their brand. the first visual identity had been developed several years before when the business was new and lots had changed since them. We all agreed that we needed a new interpretation of the experience of staying at Wild Northumbrian, something which captured the magic and wonder of it – and so a new brand was born!

You can find out more about what we did and how in our case study, but perhaps the relationship and success of the project should be summed up by the company themselves;

We first met Sarah and Dom a few year ago when they came to stay with us for a short break. I don’t know what it was, but it was one of those fortuitous meetings where you just knew that these are people that just got the place and are kind of kindred spirits which felt special. Over years they have come to stay many times and when we were in the process of considering a new website, branding and logo (in fact a complete revamp and appraisal of what we are about ) we couldn’t think of a better team to work with us and collaborate on defining what we are and communicating this in a creative and intelligent way.

They both worked with such flair, inspiring us to reimagine and reevaluate our business. They have such complimentary skills and great intuition, which energised and inspired us not just to redevelop the website but to look beyond branding and design to include marketing and social media. This really has made the most of our investment.

I cannot praise this brilliant, inspirational and highly motivated company enough. I would recommend anyone with the idea to rethink, rebrand rand eenergise their enterprise to start working with these brilliant people.

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