A brand you may have heard of!

Through my 20 year career as graphic designer I’ve worked with national and international brands so it was interesting to work on a campaign for the NHS.

They already had the brand elements created as the campaign had  started on various platforms but they came to us as the campaign needed to be extended. So using our experience of branding and working within the existing brand guidelines we helped to create the additional marketing materials whilst making them as creative as possible.

We had the most free reign with the vehicle branding and introduced fun elements like the cartoon guy leaning out of the window. But more importantly we advised on what to leave off the vehicle so that the design did not look too cluttered whilst having maximum impact.

The promotional stand was another big part of the project and had to be eye catching to draw people in…

…which it seemed to do very effectively.

We also created designs for bus advertising –  interior panels and exterior sides. One tricky aspect was how to use the supplied illustrations so that they’d have enough impact. Being line drawings they were not really bold enough for this application but with the solid and outline fill they became effective and helped to tie the campaign together.

The branded clothing was another item that we helped with…

…as was the promotional leaflets.

So it’s not just the smaller brands that we can help with and we can also help to make existing brands more effective by creative design and layout with the existing brand style. If the NHS have confidence to work with tent then you can also rest assured.


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