Get more out of your van…

We often tell our clients with vans or even cars that are used for their business, that they will benefit from effective branding.

This has been demonstrated many times by feedback from clients who have had us brand their vehicles but non more vocally than Julie Phair at Totally Love Cleaning. She is always telling us about the work she’s picked up that’s down to people noticing her van!

More recently a brand that we did for Nik Atkinson at Sweeps & Stoves that was also applied to their van not only gave them more business but ended up securing us more branding work too!

He got more business after we had recommended him to a friend to have their chimney swept. We know this because a few days later our friend told us their van re appeared on his street. Our friend had not had a chance to recommend Nik so the only way he got the job was because his very noticeable and professional looking van formed the perfect advert for his business.

We benefited from the van design too as a while later while Nik was driving around, his van was spotted by a stove installation company. They not only wanted to pass on some sweeping jobs to Nik (more work for him) but they also wanted to find out who did his branding and van design as they were very impressed with its impact.

So that’s two examples of Nik getting more work and one for us – all from a very short space of time too!

So next time you look at your company vehicle, think to yourself, is this making enough impact for your business? If this is not the case or you don’t think it looks better than your competitors vehicles then come to the Shed for a chat with us!

Dominic, Creative Director

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