In the studio: munchie & millie at home

We love to work with creative people, people with a spring in their step, tongue firmly in their cheek, who don’t take life or themselves too seriously, but take their business and their company’s image very serious indeed. So it stood to reason that we were going to really, really like Andrea McManus from munchie & millie and were very pleased when she chose tent as the agency to help her launch her new business, munchie & mille at home.

Andrea already had a logo and some brand elements for her main and online business but knew that she needed to take a slightly different direction in branding the new business, a home party company selling gorgeous girly gifts to discerning females looking for fabulous, unique gifts and treats.

She wanted a more grown up, night time and slightly glamorous image, whilst keeping the fun, quirky feel of munchie & millie’s main brand.

For the first round of logo ideas that we came up with we always work in black and white. Colour is emotive and can sway a client too much; it’s good to just to consider the form, layout and the fonts presented. In this case we felt a reversed out idea would be best for the more grown up, glamorous feel which is why these ideas all appear on a dark background.

After settling on her choice (and the cheeky addition of an ampersand), we discussed the issue of colour. We already had a notion from our first chats that she wanted something sophisticated, darker than her main brand, something definitely female and a little striking. We had already discussed who her ideal customer was and the kinds of women she felt would be susceptible to the brand so we had a good idea of what direction to take. So we looked at a few options as you can see.

And this is what Andrea plumped for – hurrah!  Andrea was really pleased and when the finished result was presented to people who represented her target market, the feedback was extremely positive.

Once the logo was finalised and created, we moved onto a whole range of promotional items for munchie & millie, some of which can be seen in the final image in the sequence opposite.

Once we had completed the work, Andrea was so chuffed she also commissioned us to give a bit of a facelift to the main munchie & millie brand but I feel that’s all for another day and another blog post!

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