tent included in Lissted’s Top 70 North East Digital Influencers on Twitter

We were delighted to discover today that tent director Sarah Raad’s twitter account @tentspitch has made the list of North East’s most influential in digital as compiled by Lissted, which identifies the truly influential voices in any community.

After analysing 1 million twitter relationships and interactions, Lissted was able to produce a list of the 70 most influential twitter accounts related to the digital sector in the region, of which @tentspitch was one.

According to Lissted, their algorithms “focus on signals that indicate someone has real potential for influence – on and offline – not simply how much noise they create on Twitter.”

Great news for Sarah, nice to see all that tweeting was worth it! And if you’d be interested in talking with her about how to increase your own influence in social media, give her a call.

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