Sowing the seeds of a great brand interior

We love branding our clients interiors, putting their colours on the walls and creating eye-catching signage or feature wall designs so that visitors to their premises, offices or shops are immediately immersed in the brand identity.

We moved from a business centre to our very own garden office earlier this year and when we built what is now known as ‘The Shed’, we knew that there was going to be a lot of fun to be had with the internal branding!

We started with a smooth feature wall in the brand colour to highlight our vintage tools and marketing statement.

This also formed the backdrop for the vintage plantpot work displays. (with many thanks to Kate Sladey from Battlesteads for these lovely pots!)

Other bits that we had some fun with were using fake grass instead of carpet…(thanks Mark Ward Flooring for that) and an assortment of other vintage ‘potting shed’ touches.

Even the wood burner is to a certain extent is ‘on brand’ and things are finished off with our tent coloured meeting chairs and tent artwork. Job done.

Granted this would not suit everyone’s business but it’s all about tailoring someone’s interior spaces to their brand. We’ve just finished rebranding Blu Sky, an accountancy firm and their interior is one of the best we’ve done and they’ve recieved countless postitive comments about it – pics coming soon.If you want to find out more about what we could do to bring your brand alive just ask.

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