New twitter profiles are here…


As so many of you seem to be getting the new twitter profile today I thought I would dash off a quick initial guide to the changes to make life a bit easier. I’ll update this over the next few days once I have had more of a play myself.

Header image

So much bigger! This will allow you to extend your visual brand more fully. You can simply use a photo if you like (rather like the way people do on facebook). Or you could design or commission a new graphic which contains multiple images, text and information to push people to your website, to sign up for a newsletter etc. The recommended size is 1500px wide, 500px high. To change it go to edit profile, click the change header button and then click upload photo. Chose your graphic and save. Easy peasy. Dominic is redesigning ours as we speak… if you’d like something snazzy give us a bell.

Profile photo

The profile photo will appear larger – so even more reason to be happy with the one that you’re using!

Pinned tweets

You will now be able to pin a tweet to the top of your list. This will be handy in helping you make the best and most current/ relevant impression when people view your profile. Previously the first tweet they read could have been a reply to someone else that didn’t make sense, a retweet that’s irrelevant to them or you know, one of those unconscious tweets about your dinner or favourite TV programme.

Now it can be something about a project you’re working on, something positive that happened recently, an event you are attending or hosting. Basically something more relevant to the reader and which will present you in your best light.

Best tweets

Tweets you’ve sent that have a higher level of engagement will appear larger, so visits to your page will be drawn more to the content that is getting more attention. So the more replies or retweets a tweet receives, the more prominent it will appear. Thankfully tweets will still appear in chronological order. No facebook style messing about on that score!

Filtered tweets

When looking at other people’s profiles you can filter their tweets to just tweets, tweets and replies and tweets with photos/ video. Quite a useful feature if you’re more interested in finding someone’s self originated tweets rather than all the conversations they’re having. Or vice versa! And as we all know, photo and video content is what people like the best.

These changes really only seem to affect the desktop version so remember that for the times your profile is being viewed on a smartphone or tablet most of them won’t apply.

Hope this has been useful! If it has please share 😉



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