Vine: our initial thoughts

You’ve probably heard that video on websites and on social platforms is the next big thing. Like me you’ve probably had a little panic about how to get started with using video, the technicalities and the potential expense. Many of us can grasp the opportunities that video offers us to enhance our brand and to sell our services and products but, hung up on the lack of skills and knowledge and the idea of scary budgets we do nothing.

But then along came Vine, a handy little app which can be found by clicking here 

So what is Vine?

Vine is essentially a quick and easy way to create very short (six second) video activity. You can then share your video both through vine itself (in the way that photos are shared through instagram for example) and also socially through twitter and facebook. It’s worth pointing out if you want to make videos on vine at this point it’s only available if you have an iPhone or iPad but of course the shared videos can be watched by anyone with internet connection.

It doesn’t provide a hugely slick or polished looking result and of course six seconds is not very long but in a way I feel this is part of it’s charm and also what will drive people to use it more for business. The fact that it can’t really look like a professionally produced product kind of takes the pressure off and frees you up to just have a bit of fun. No one watching your vine is going to expect star quality video production. Phew.

So, assuming you’re an iPad or iPhone user, what can you use vine for?

Well, here are a few ideas to ponder;

  1. Short clips of an event or seminar/ talk in progress
  1. Demo of products or service, nothing sells a gadget like a short video showing how easily/ effectively it works
  1. Testimonial – if you can find a client willing to put themselves in front of the camera, it’s amazing how nice they can be about you in just six short seconds!
  1. New stock – retailers can show new things just in, literally coming out of the packaging and before they hit the shop or website to whet their customers appetites
  1. Work in progress – for example show a car being valeted, a floral arrangement being devised or a meal being plated up in a restaurant kitchen
  1. Creative process – our first vine video showed the journey of a brand from initial logo ideas through to website and finished print. Show potential clients the thought and effort that goes into your creative work such as graphic design, interiors, photography etc. Here is our very first vine video tackling just that
  1. Your premises – dentists and other health practitioners, even lawyers might want to show their offices and waiting areas to show people how friendly and inviting they are. Luxury venues such as hotels, spas and beauty salons can show their rooms and treatment areas
  1. Behind the scenes – the people in your business, perhaps the person who always answers the phone but who customers and clients rarely meet
  1. Activity that generally makes a good PR story, awards, new staff or promotions in the company, staff taking part in community or charity work
  1. Miscellaneous – it doesn’t have to be all work, show your personality through vine, capture something funny, or touching, or beautiful and share it with others

So who is using it well?

I’ve yet to see many smaller businesses using it, it’s very new and I am sure that will change; I’ve already identified a couple of clients who I think should be experimenting with vine ASAP at it fits so neatly with their products or service.

Here are links to a couple from large brands which I think are quite effective as early attempts, showing humour and creativity, not too salesy but getting the brand across well;

and something just for fun

I am sure vine is just the tip of the ocean when it comes to new ways for us to make and share videos across the internet and social platforms and maybe in a few months something bigger and better will appear. And of course there are inherent issues with video anyway as once you move off wifi they often don’t download, or take ages and eat up your data allowance. But I for one will be playing around and having some fun with it for now!

I hope this has been useful. If you can’t access vine at the moment as you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, please consider sharing this with someone you know who does.

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