Design can work harder for you

Following on from the business card article at the beginning of the year here is another example of one of our client’s business cards working a little harder!

We didn’t have to change the brand, just how the information was presented. Keeping all the primary contact details together helps the business card to work well. And since Anne is a dedicated networker, having some information on what services she provides helps the card to go on working long after she’s finished introducing herself.¬†We also added 2 rounded corners to reflect the logo and make the card stand out a little more.

Anne had a good card before, see below, but now she has a card that will be a much more effective tool when it’s handed out.

Does your card represent yourself and your business effectively?

Does it explain what your business does?

Is it easy to find your primary contact details in one place?

Do you get a favourable reaction when you hand out your business card?

If any of these questions are not ¬†answered with a ‘yes’ then we can help your card to become something special.

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