A sweet treat…

It was a real treat to work with one of the oldest established and best ice cream companies in the region. It has remained within the Marcantonio family since it’s beginnings over a hundred years ago. Mark Toney is a well known brand and we were very excited about the opportunity to be involved in taking a look at the packaging style and overall look.

Although we were initially tasked with updating their packaging for their litre tubs we suggested to the owners that their logo design would be worth developing. So before we started work on the tubs we carried out some ‘slight’ refreshments to their logo.

We wanted to maintain and enhance the heritage aspect of the brand and the ‘italian-ness’ as a way of continuing the brand. We were also keen to differentiate it against other competitors and the general trends in ice cream branding of either ‘farm style’ or ‘luxury’ style. Mark Toney is associated with people’s childhoods, the seaside, ice cream sundaes and good times and we wanted to start building that feel into the work we were doing.

We used a talented illustrator Antonio Spinozzi to make the changes to the line drawing and based the revised character more closely to historical photos which the family provided. Here’s the historical photo that we worked to.

We integrated a secondary brand typeface (that was used with the old logo) into the new logo helping to unify and strengthen the brand. We also added a subtle but stylish graduation to the type.  Then we looked at the colours and the smaller details of the logo to give a more classic look but with modern appeal.

And finally we altered the strap line to make it more relevant and correcting the date which was recently unearthed as the true start to a remarkable family business.

The same logo but completely re engineered! Here’s a picture of what it used to look like before we started.

The packaging for the tubs has also been completed so I’ll so be showing pictures of these too in my next blog post.


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