Getting personal

When we designed our first stationery set, we decided on a postcard instead of a compliment slip. it doesn’t cost much more and we thought it would stand out more as something to pop into an envelope with other items… READ MORE

Everything is Marketing

One of the best business books I have read in ages is Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. If you haven’t already read this I urge you to do so; it won’t take long as it’s sharp, to the point… READ MORE

ffs do your #ff’s properly!

If you’re a twitter user you’ve no doubt noticed and taken part in the week’s #ff hashtag event, which stands for follow friday. I remember when I first joined twitter, logging on on a friday to see all these #ff’s… READ MORE

First steps with twitter

When you start to use twitter for your business, it’s all too easy to just leap in and spend most of your time thinking about how to get new followers, who you are going to follow, how to add value… READ MORE

In the studio: munchie & millie at home

We love to work with creative people, people with a spring in their step, tongue firmly in their cheek, who don’t take life or themselves too seriously, but take their business and their company’s image very serious indeed. So it… READ MORE