Get more out of your van…

We often tell our clients with vans or even cars that are used for their business, that they will benefit from effective branding. This has been demonstrated many times by feedback from clients who have had us brand their vehicles… READ MORE

Discounting & adding value

Wherever you look at the moment there seems to be a sale on. Once upon a time sales happened infrequently, the Boxing Day and January ones were a big deal and people would queue round the block for events like the… READ MORE

It’s all about the follow up

With a new season of events and expos around the corner I thought it was worth revisiting this blog, an old but a goodie as they say… oh and I couldn’t find an image to illustrate this post so here’s… READ MORE

Bear hunts & business

You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you’ve got to go through it!   Anyone who has little people may recognise this phrase as it’s from the much loved children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt…. READ MORE

It’s not always about price…

In these recessionary, austerity and whatever else word the mee-dya is coming up with to talk about the economic situation at the moment, it’s easy to assume that you and your business need to be primarily competing on price, that… READ MORE

Sowing the seeds of a great brand interior

We love branding our clients interiors, putting their colours on the walls and creating eye-catching signage or feature wall designs so that visitors to their premises, offices or shops are immediately immersed in the brand identity. We moved from a… READ MORE

Minding your business

I struggled to find a good image to accompany this article so I thought you might like to see a nice countryside pic to lift your spirits and calm you down… ah! lovely! Anyway, onto businesss… Do you know where… READ MORE

It’s not about the rigging!

When I was in charge of marketing at Newcastle’s Live Theatre I was promoting a play called Attachments written by the wonderful Julia Darling. In the opening scene, a vacuum cleaner salesman called Robbie knocks on the door of a… READ MORE

Out of favour and all out of love?

How many of you reading this has LOST a client – not down the back of the sofa kind of lost but the kind where you thought they were all yours but then you find out that they’ve started seeing… READ MORE

Time out to think

Hello! yes, that’s me, taking time out to think! I have this image on my business card because a big part of what I do, both for tent and for my clients is take a step back, take some time… READ MORE