New twitter profiles are here…

Hello! As so many of you seem to be getting the new twitter profile today I thought I would dash off a quick initial guide to the changes to make life a bit easier. I’ll update this over the next… READ MORE

Sub brands

One area of branding that I really enjoy is that of sub brands. Often a business will diversify into other services and for any SME it’s often better to keep a consistent brand feel for the sub brands. This can… READ MORE

A brand you may have heard of!

Through my 20 year career as graphic designer I’ve worked with national and international brands so it was interesting to work on a campaign for the NHS. They already had the brand elements created as the campaign had  started on… READ MORE

Five ways to improve your business card

As we all start to fill up our diaries getting meetings organised and networking events booked in it’s a good time to revisit the smallest marketing tool most of us have – the business card! A business card can often… READ MORE

Stress free networking

Networking. It’s something that many people either dread, put off or simply see as a necessary evil which they do but don’t enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way! Though not a natural networker myself I do know it… READ MORE

running & marketing

As some of you will know, Dom at tent ran the Great North Run at the weekend. It struck me recently that the approach to undertaking something like the Great North Run is a bit like the one we all… READ MORE

Using favourites on twitter

When I do social media training with clients, one of the widgety questions they often ask me about is favourites in twitter. I love favourites and have used the function pretty much since I started using twitter. However it seems… READ MORE

A sweet treat…

It was a real treat to work with one of the oldest established and best ice cream companies in the region. It has remained within the Marcantonio family since it’s beginnings over a hundred years ago. Mark Toney is a well… READ MORE

Vine: our initial thoughts

You’ve probably heard that video on websites and on social platforms is the next big thing. Like me you’ve probably had a little panic about how to get started with using video, the technicalities and the potential expense. Many of… READ MORE

Let there be love…

We all want to spread a little love on Valentine’s Day and I’m no exception. All this talk of love got me thinking about those aspects of love that we are told to focus on by the relationship experts, to… READ MORE